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about us

Wuhan Huake 3D Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional 3D printing  manufacturing platform. The registered capital is 60 million which is the largest investment scale in the central parts of china. Wuhan Huake 3D Technology Co. Ltd is also a new high-tech enterprise which is established jointly by Huazhong University Of Science and Technology Industry Group, Huazhong NC and the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center of HUST.

Our company locates in east lake high-tech development zone of Wuhan, which
has a group of 3D professional researchers who gain high reputation both at home and abroad. Our company has the aim to become a leading 3D printing enterprise which integrates the research, production and marketing of 3D printing, and set up the 3D printing industry cooperative innovation platform in the domestic and even abroad. To make our own contribution to realize the industrialization of rapid prototyping and accelerate the transformation of China's high-end manufacturing.